K. R. – Absolutely amazing! Just got today and my daughter and I luv luv luv it! And she is only four 🙂 will be buying again in the biggest size 🙂 thank you!

S. Z. – Awesome Product, makes your teeth feel cleaner than ever before. Will definitely be a returning customer.

D.M. –  I’m impressed. It smelled so good when it arrived. I love mint and clove. I was scared I would gag. I brushed my teeth with this and my mouth is really refreshed feeling. No weird taste that makes ya want to lose it! They feel really clean!!!

Y.S. – Two weeks in and my receding gums are already reversing! It’s amazing. I was using Crest Pro Health, or one of the others that claimed to reverse gum disease and it just kept getting worse and worse (and this was for months). What I love the most is that the flavor isn’t overpowering like regular toothpaste. You can use this and it has a natural flavor, and you can eat right after without it making your food taste weird. I will be back for more, for sure!

N.A. – I didn’t want to leave a review until I used the product for at least a month. I was having toothaches, and they are completely gone. I am very impressed, my gums feel a lot stronger (they would bleed every time I flossed). I definitely plan on buying this again. 🙂 fast shipping too!

N.M. – I can’t believe how fast this item was shipped to me! I love the taste and my mouth feels so clean! 🙂 Highly recommend

S.R. –  I really like this stuff. I have only used it twice so far and my teeth are much whiter using this than commercial toothpastes. The taste could be better but I was expecting something closer to regular toothpaste because that is what I am used to. This really is great stuff from a wonderful shop :o)

R.A. – Shipped on time literally was having quite a bit of pain from eating ice cream and it was in the mailbox! After I brushed for the first time the pain was gone! After a few uses my husband told me my teeth were looking whiter!! Thank you so much for helping my family in our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Now that we have the tooth powder there is one less toxic behavior (brushing with traditional toothpaste). I highly recommend this product!!


5 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. SayCheese says:

    I reallly appreciate you! Love the tooth powder. I can’t believe how much whiter my teeth are. It’s a natural, gradual whitening. And that’s the bonus – I bought this to get help with my teeth and gums (sensitive formula)! Sending agape love to you and yours from another Texan, currently waylaid in the Mid-Atlantic, trying to get back west 🙂

  2. Honey P says:

    What an amazing product !!! I give it 5 stars ! Worked great for not only my teeth but oral hygiene in general I recommend this product to everyone!

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