Welcome to Simply Sooney Tooth Powder. I make organic vegan fluoride free tooth powders.

Safe for the whole family!

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  1. Jane says:

    Hello, I’m interested in trying out your toothpaste but I’d like to know if these are made from your private home or in a facility that is shared with other companies.
    Also, where do your ingredients originate from? Any of them from China? Are they from reputable sources?
    Thanks so much.

  2. crunchiemommie says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for asking. I have a dedicated office in my home for my tooth powder business. There are no pets in our home and we are non smokers. As far as my suppliers I use very reputable companies such as Frontier, Bob’s Red Mill, Bulk Supplements, Organic Merchants, and Essential Oil Exchange. I only buy ingredients that are sourced from the USA. I believe my dedication to the quality of my ingredients is what sets me apart from other tooth powder makers. For me, it isn’t simply about having the highest profit margins, it’s about using the highest quality ingredients that people like you and I expect and want to see in products and selling them for a price that anyone can afford!

  3. Jane says:

    I have one more question. Do you recommend your tooth powder to my 16 month old toddler? In other words, are they safe to swallow? He’s currently using Tom’s kids but I’d like him to get used to the powders as well.

  4. crunchiemommie says:

    Yes it is safe to swallow. They only use a very small amount and it is non toxic. The orange is my number 1 seller and most popular for kids.

  5. Ereca Alford says:

    Hello! First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this inquiry. I am a single mother of three and I am currently enrolled in ACHS to complete my master in Herbology and Aromatherapy with a minor in Holistic Health. I work full time and have little to no income after paying for living expenses. On to my reason for contact…I was wondering if your wonderful company would have any sort of program for the underprivileged? I have gum disease and its out of control. I can no longer enjoy my life due to the constant pain from decaying teeth. I am only 26 but my teeth would say I’m nearing 100. If there is any way possible to help me I would love it. I wish I could afford your products, but currently I am not able to. Anything helps. I was reading healing teeth naturally which was recommended to me by my mentor when I came upon your products. I have numerous times, given a referral to friends and family of mine to seek out your products. I myself have never used them before. Only the time spent researching and apprenticing have I learned and saw for myself what your miraculous products can do. I have hopes that there will be a way for me AND my children to be able to use your products on a full-time basis. Thank you so much for your time and compassion. With Love and Positivity…..

  6. L says:

    Hi – I really love your toothpowder! I was wondering if it would be okay to mix it with organic, unrefined coconut oil to make it into a paste and use that on a daily basis. Would this affect the effectiveness of the toothpowder? Would I have to mix it fresh each time or could it be made into a bigger batch and stored for a week or so? My children thank you in advance!

  7. crunchiemommie says:

    Yes you can do that. It will increase the effectiveness! You could make a batch for a week at a time. Be sure to store it in a glass jar. You can get a baby food container for about 25 cents, if you don’t already have a container and that will work well.

  8. Brittney Stanford says:

    Only tooth powder my kids will use! Have tried others but always come back to simply sooney! Whole heartedly recommend. We are dealing with tooth decay and have marked improvements in my toddlers teeth since introducing her to the remineralizing powder. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  9. Maria Lopez says:

    Is there any way you can make me a batch of the orange tooth powder without the xylitol in it. I have purchased it three times so far and I know you make it yourself so is there any way you can omit the xylitol?

  10. Megan Stafford says:

    Hello! I bought the peppermint and orange tooth powder for my friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I thought it was baking soda-free and that’s why I bought it. Noticed you have a specific baking soda-free tooth powder. Do the peppermint and orange flavors contain baking soda or not? I don’t see it in the ingredients list. Thank you so much!!!

  11. Rebecca says:

    What is the cheapest way to get your products to Australia your postage via eBay is very expensive. Is there a cheaper way to get 4 jars?

  12. crunchiemommie says:

    Ebay unfortunately is the cheapest. The weight on it would be about 20 ounces for 4 jars. A flat rate would be about 31 US dollars and can hold up to 4 pounds. For 20 ounces it would be about 23 US dollars for shipping first class. I always encourage people to contact me about international shipping because the templates can only get you so far and can overcharge for larger orders. My shipping costs are set up to give an accurate cost of a single item.

  13. Shakeeda Walker says:

    Hi I’ve purchased the orange powder for all of us, but initially for my 17mo old to help with decay from night feeds. I was wondering how much to use? Is it still a pea size amount? And twice a/day as usual? Thank you

  14. crunchiemommie says:

    Yes that would be perfect. I wet the toothbrush and dip it in and use the amount that sticks to the toothbrush for my kids.

  15. Stuart Cohen says:

    We really like your tooth powder, but what makes us very happy is that you ship it by USPS in a simple paper envelope. No wasteful glass or plastic container. We dump the contents into a half-pint canning jar and we’re ready to go. Thanks for being environmentally conscious, and also not gauging us on postage!

  16. crunchiemommie says:

    If you don’t mind, I can use one paper bag for all of your tooth powder. A tiny bit less packaging.

  17. glastonburystar says:

    I absolutely LOVE your toothpowder and I’m going to order it for each of my four kids! My dentist said my teeth look better than ever. I mix it with coconut oil and it’s so great.

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