This 30 second Hack will infinitely improve your Sandwiches

amirali-mirhashemian-1377424-unsplashImage credit: Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash


Whether peanut butter and jelly is your jam or a beautiful turkey, ranch, and swiss; this 30 second hack will transform your sandwich eating experience. If you are like most Americans you’ve abandoned the buttery soft white bread for a more nutritious and arguably drier whole grain variety.

This new bread often leaves much to the imagination by means of softness. I have the hack of the century for you. Your Microwave.

That’s right in under 30 seconds you can transform that dry grainy wholemeal bread into the super soft and chewy bread that you remember.

How to do the hack:

Take two slices of whole grain bread

Place them one on top of the other on a paper plate

Microwave 10-15 seconds

Flip the stack over

Microwave 10-15 more seconds

Allow to cool for a few seconds

That’s it, my number 1 hack to turn dry whole grain bread into super soft, chewy bread.



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