18 Weeks Pregnancy Update

A short and sweet one this week, the baby is doing great. I stopped bleeding sometime during my 14/15th week. Now it has been 3 weeks or more without any bleeding. I had an ultrasound at 16 weeks to confirm that my SCH had cleared up. I didn’t get to see the midwife that day because she was on call at a birth so I got to avoid the internal exam this time! I am not looking forward to a pap but at least at my next appointment I know that getting it will not make me bleed. During the ultrasound the tech also confirmed that the baby is a girl! Which is exciting and now that I know that she is a she for sure I have started buying things. We were graciously gifted a gently used Chicco Keyfit. I have bought pretty much all of the newborn size clothes that I think she will need. Now I need to start buying 3 months clothes. I am going for a more minimalistic approach with the kids clothes now and I do not want to be overwhelmed with clothes. I have about 30 little onesies and 10 pairs of pants. 2 packs of socks, 1 set of mitts and 7 receiving blankets. Which I think is a perfect amount of outfits since the baby will likely go thru multiple clothing changes per day. I made a little closet for her out of a bookshelf because we are so short on space in this little 1300 sqft house. I am feeling the baby move all the time now. She is pretty active and that is the best part of pregnancy really. I am still having sporadic morning sickness and vomiting. So hopefully that clears up completely soon.

At my 20 week appointment we will have the anatomy scan.

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