Week 13 update and NIPT results

Hey yall,

I am now 13 weeks! Last week I went to the midwife and they did not so an ultrasound, just the doppler. Baby had a heartbeat of 165 which is good. I took my NIPT and they called me back this Monday. The baby is genetically perfect and I got the gender! We are over the moon to after two boys be expecting a GIRL!!! Now that I am past the dreaded 12 weeks I am getting more excited and feeling better about the viability of this pregnancy. I can feel my uterus growing and bulging up out of my pelvis. In a couple weeks I will be able to feel the baby move and that will be all the more reassuring. I am still bleeding brown it has been about 15 days. With a one day break then it started back last night. Most women report that they stop bleeding and their sch resolves between 16 and 20 weeks so I am excited to be getting almost to that point. It is really hard wearing a pad every day. So much worse than a regular period because at least you know it will end in a few days. This just goes on and on. This week I have to take two exams for my classes and I am currently studying for them. One I take tomorrow Friday and the other by Tuesday. I will be so glad when this semester is over as it is my last one. I have an appointment with the midwife again next week on Wednesday for another heart rate check. I also ordered a home doppler to provide a little reassurance when I am feeling extra worried. It should be here in a few days. In light of the gender news I ordered a couple little girl outfits. I got 3 set each comes with a long sleeve a short sleeve onsie and a pair of little pants. They were 10$ – 13$ super great price for a three piece set! I will update again soon!



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