My Non Toxic Eco and Budget Friendly Cat Litter

I love my kitties, but the cat litter was a big issue for me. Not only was it expensive, no matter which brand I chose the litter would smell horrible after just one use. I was doing some reading online and I read that cat litter can be toxic to the cat. Typical cat litter contains the ingredient sodium bentonite and if the cat ingests this it can cause gastrointestinal distress that in some cases can lead to death. Yikes thats scary.

Anyways I began looking around for an economical homemade option. I saw some recipes that used newspaper but it just looked like a big mess and way more work than I wanted to do. I wanted something easy. Just a couple things to mix together that would last close to a week and cover the smell.

After a bit of research I decided to go with Cedar shavings and chicken scratch.


My cat seems to like it. She has not turned up her nose at it and she uses it happily. The best part about it (well there are a few best parts) is that it is super affordable. I bought the chicken scratch at a local feed store and it was only 14.99 for a 50lb bag! I bought the cedar shavings at Petco and the largest size they sell was only about 11 bucks. You could also use pine shavings. We just mix a few scoops of scratch with a few handfuls of shavings and there you go.


I scoop right after she poops and the litter stay urine smell free for about 4 days. We change it out completly every 5 days. Overall I am very happy with it and so is Mocha and the babies.